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NIHSS Funding

Mobility Grants

Mobility grants provide funding support for South African researchers and postgraduate students wanting to visit non-South African universities across the African continent to pursue collaboration with scholars there,  whether it be in joint teaching collaborations, new curriculum development, short course attendance, or participation in research...

Working Groups

Further to the Catalytic Research Projects, the Working Groups for Academic Collaboration programme involves collectives of researchers whose cooperation is geared towards specified objectives. These collectives can be interdisciplinary and domain-specific groups that focus on specific areas of research, teaching and learning in the HSS field.

Humanities Hubs

Humanities Hubs are centres of knowledge with a focus on heritage. They offer ways to use existing resources to engage communities in creating or reproducing new ways of knowing. Humanities Hubs is primarily a research-based programme; it aims to catalyse and open new avenues for scholarship in the humanities and social sciences and to assist in and promote...

Professional Associations

Professional Associations have been supported to further enhance the HSS, especially in matters related to curriculum reform. The NIHSS extends support to professional associations in the HSS. This is to ensure that the higher education landscape is more responsive to and inclusive of HSS and its disciplinary particularities...

Catalytic Research Programme

The second profound way in which the NIHSS creates value is by dynamising the fields of research and teaching in the HSS through a range of Catalytic Research Projects and Humanities Hubs.

The NIHSS will establish Catalytic Research Projects and Humanities Hubs by 2020.

NIHSS-CODESRIA Doctoral Scholarships

The NIHSS has partnered with the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) to develop the African Pathways Doctoral Scholarship Programme. The aim of the scholarship is in line with the mandates of the Institute and Council to promote and facilitate research in the humanities and social...

NIHSS-SAHUDA Doctoral Scholarships

The National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIHSS) invites applications from suitably qualified South African students to study full-time towards a humanities and social sciences doctoral degree at any of the participating South African public universities. The main objective of this programme is to promote, build and ...